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Counter Article/slashdot.org “Should The Government Fix Slow Internet Access?” NO!

There is an article currently posted on slashdot.org asking if the government should step in to fix slow internet access. … Ahem. Really? The government (via the FCC) is already subsidizing ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, […] Read More

Vendors: No API? Go away.

It’s halfway through 2017. Cloud infrastructure is all the rage. We’re running code without provisioning servers that is billed in 100ms increments. We are spinning up docker swarms, automating infrastructure, and building our own systems […] Read More

We’ve added a slack group! Come join us!

Click on the link on the right side of the page (or at the bottom, if on mobile) to request an invite to our slack channel. We might be talking about linux, networking, wireless, regional […] Read More

Want to strengthen your IT base? Learn Linux.

Back in 1997 or 1998, a friend of mine tore down his BBS and put up a Linux box for people to log in and mess around with. I think he gave accounts to 5 […] Read More

Whitebox to create new era of open protocols

CDP, CEF, DMVPN, DTP, EIGRP, GLBP, HNAP, HSRP, IGRP, IPSLA, ISL, L2FP, LEAP, LRE, PAgP, SSCP, SRP, UDLD, VTP This alphabet soup of (Cisco) proprietary network protocols is just an example of several of the […] Read More

A brave new world…

RIP Wix. I still need to get a CDN involved, but overall things seem stable, secure, and easy to use. Thanks to wix for being a quick and easy to use platform that got me […] Read More

Why does my WiFi suck, and how do I fix it?

I hear complaints from people all the time about their home WiFi situation. In this post, I’ll address some of the common complaints, explain a bit about how wireless works, and provide a couple of […] Read More

SDN is dead, long live SDN

SDN, or Software Defined Networking, was supposed to be the Next Big Thing(tm) in how networks were built and designed.  In reality it often creates more problems than it solves, and never really addresses the Business […] Read More

Is this thing on?

“Blogs are so stupid.  Nobody reads them.”, I thought.  Then I caught myself reading blogs, and checking out articles from recruiters, company executives, and IT folks who explained how important they had become when it came to […] Read More