about me

I am a 20 year professional of the IT industry and have held a wide range of positions and functions, from Jr. Programmer to Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer.  I am passionate about linux, hardware, and indoor/outdoor wireless.

I have climbed towers for a Wireless ISP (WISP) in Alaska, designed networks in Haiti, helped launch new networking hardware in Montreal, designed GPON fiber networks in Missouri, maintained GPS / Counter-IED / radio equipment for the US Army, and now I’ve finally broken down and started working on my AWS certifications and python.

I am an Army veteran (13F20L7, Artillery Fire Support NCO, Joint Fires Observer Qualified), husband, and father.

I am always interested in new projects, so don’t be afraid to contact me. I especially love working with new and growing regional ISPs!

Alpha / Beta Product Testing High
Ansible Low
BGP Moderate
Business Growth Strategies Moderate
Change Management High
CMDB (Incl. Remedy) Moderate
Content Delivery Networks Moderate
CRM Tools Moderate
Customer Retention High
DC Power Plants Moderate
DNS Moderate
E-Rate Moderate
Ethernet (include POE) High
FCC Paperwork / Regulations Moderate
Fiber (Active / GPON) Moderate
Firewalls (Stateful / Zone-Based) High
High Availability Design Moderate
Industry Trends / News Awareness High
IPTV Moderate
IPv4 High
IPv6 Low
ITIL v3 (Foundations) High
Juniper JUNOS Moderate
LACP / LAG Moderate
Linux System Administration High
Mail Systems (Exim / Postfix / Sendmail) Moderate
Market Analysis (ISP / WISP) High
Microwave / Wireless Network Design High
Monitoring (Application / Network /Server) High
MPLS Moderate
MySQL / MariaDB Low
Network Design Moderate
NTP Moderate
OSPF Moderate
Product Lifecycle Moderate
Python Low
QoS Moderate
Risk Analysis / Avoidance High
Routing Moderate
Ruby Low
Security (Network) Moderate
Security (Physical) High
Security (Systems) Moderate
Server Hardware Moderate
Shell Scripting (Bash) Moderate
Social Media Moderate
Switching High
Telecommunications / WAN Moderate
Tower Climbing Moderate
Traffic Shaping Moderate
Virtualization (Proxmox / LXC / LXD) Moderate
VLANs High
VoIP (Asterisk/SIP) Moderate
Vyatta (Vyos / EdgeOS) Moderate
Web Servers (Apache / NGINX) Moderate
Windows Server Administration Low
Wireless High
Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) High