Is this thing on?

“Blogs are so stupid.  Nobody reads them.”, I thought.  Then I caught myself reading blogs, and checking out articles from recruiters, company executives, and IT folks who explained how important they had become when it came to finding quality talent for their organizations. As much as I want to resist, this is something I should have done a long time ago. I don’t come by this naturally, mind you. The formatting will likely be off, I’ll probably ramble at times, and eventually someone will beg me to get an editor if it gets any traction at all.

 … but for better or worse, it’s mine.

So, what kind of content can you, the poor, unfortunate reader expect to find on here? Many things IT related. Linux stuff, open source projects, networking, WiFi and microwave radio systems, virtualization, containers, cloud, storage, certifications, and links to blogs far better than this one. Occasionally I might sprinkle in some interesting news from the realms of space exploration, medicine, science, etc.  Deal with it.

Hopefully you’ll find this informative and entertaining.