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Unimus makes config backups, auditing, and multi-level access easy

I wanted to take a minute to promote a tool I’ve found great value in: Unimus. Unimus is a vendor agnostic config backup tool that can also be used for config auditing and control. They […] Read More

IPv6 Ready
… and now we’re ipv6 ready :)

Another notch on the belt this week!

Serious nonce flaw in WPA2 authentication portion of WiFi protocol

Basic info here: More info released tomorrow morning @ the ACM conference in Dallas.

Cumulus Networks free O’Reilly book: BGP in the Data Center

(Edit: You’ll have to open the blog post to see the links. Sorry!) Jeremy Austin sent me a note in our slack chat today about this free O’Reilly Media eBook by Dinesh Dutt. It’s a […] Read More

Whitebox to create new era of open protocols

CDP, CEF, DMVPN, DTP, EIGRP, GLBP, HNAP, HSRP, IGRP, IPSLA, ISL, L2FP, LEAP, LRE, PAgP, SSCP, SRP, UDLD, VTP This alphabet soup of (Cisco) proprietary network protocols is just an example of several of the […] Read More

Why does my WiFi suck, and how do I fix it?

I hear complaints from people all the time about their home WiFi situation. In this post, I’ll address some of the common complaints, explain a bit about how wireless works, and provide a couple of […] Read More

SDN is dead, long live SDN

SDN, or Software Defined Networking, was supposed to be the Next Big Thing(tm) in how networks were built and designed.  In reality it often creates more problems than it solves, and never really addresses the Business […] Read More