In seconds scientists can now encode 1 Zetabyte of data in 1 gram of human DNA

This is the kind of stuff that just blows my mind 🙂 Scientists at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Ireland have discovered a way to encode 1 zetabyte (1e+12 gigabytes) of data in […] Read More

If you want to be productive at work, don’t forget about PEOPLE

I’m a very “Point A to Point B” kind of person. It’s partially in my nature, and partially due to my time in the military. I want to have results so I can move onto […] Read More

A brave new world…

RIP Wix. I still need to get a CDN involved, but overall things seem stable, secure, and easy to use. Thanks to wix for being a quick and easy to use platform that got me […] Read More

Is this thing on?

“Blogs are so stupid.  Nobody reads them.”, I thought.  Then I caught myself reading blogs, and checking out articles from recruiters, company executives, and IT folks who explained how important they had become when it came to […] Read More