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Vendors: No API? Go away.

It’s halfway through 2017. Cloud infrastructure is all the rage. We’re running code without provisioning servers that is billed in 100ms increments. We are spinning up docker swarms, automating infrastructure, and building our own systems to meet the needs of the businesses we represent. Our whoozwits are talking to our dinglehoppers, and our widgets exchange

A brave new world…

RIP Wix. I still need to get a CDN involved, but overall things seem stable, secure, and easy to use. Thanks to wix for being a quick and easy to use platform that got me motivated into doing this… but as an IT professional, I just couldn’t handle the lack of certain customizations and the

SDN is dead, long live SDN

SDN, or Software Defined Networking, was supposed to be the Next Big Thing(tm) in how networks were built and designed.  In reality it often creates more problems than it solves, and never really addresses the Business Needs of what it was conceived to accomplish.  SDN FROM POST-CONCEPTION BECAME ALL ABOUT VENDOR LOCK-IN  One of the problems,